Gwen Minor can provide a unique experience for your next:

                           The Iliad

  • birthday party
  • casual dinner
  • corporate gathering

    Gwen can provide public, private, and school events for children and/or adults. Arriving with scripts, costumes (helmets, swords, shields, & Greek chitons or Shakespeare stuff), and various props Gwen will direct your guests in their own short performance from Gwen’s book of
    The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid or scenes from Shakespeare. Opportunities are available for the full Trojan cycle to be workshopped.

Performance rates range from $250 to $400 per hour.

About Working with Kids

Philosophy: I have found that issues of significance elicit significant responses in young people and that their interior lives are often underestimated. Thus, the stories I share are carefully selected with a view to the overall development of the child. I encourage you to discuss real life issues with your child and welcome your insights and ideas to our common goal and interest—the enrichment of your child’s mind and spirit.

About Working with Grown-ups

Philosophy: I have found that many adults yearn to connect to story and jump at the chance to grab a sword and act out the deep issues addressed in the Trojan War cycle. Just as ancient Athenians honored theatre as a cathartic experience, you can benefit from participating in staged events. Tap into your inner hero!
To arrange a public, private, or school event, contact Gwen Minor at gwenminorwrites@gmail.com