Ancient World Now:Homo sapiens in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic Eras

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Yabba Dabba Do! Here are Bianca & Jacob on the Flintstone ride at The Canyon Inn. Click here for the Flintstones Theme Song! It cracked me up (no pun intended!) that I was working on this podcast on Stone Age humans and I happened to be sitting right next to this Flintstone mobile! Talk about “Ancient World Now”! I always loved that their legs powered their vehicles!

And the great guys in the kitchen made me an amazing Bleu-Cheese Garden Burger and the Canyon Inn’s famous fries. I was in heaven! Thanks, guys!

This is the book I picked up in Berkeley yesterday: Beyond Babylon: Art, Trade, and Diplomacy in the Second Millennium B.C. I’ve learned so much from it already! Incredibly rich in obscure details on the products being traded around the Bronze Age Mediterranean and Aegean.

Sorry, Fred, we will have to leave your crude Stone Age world behind soon!

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